A Day in the Life of…Chickens

I’ve wanted chickens for a while now. Not real sure why. I thought it would be neat to have them and have fresh eggs. (Not interested in fresh fried chicken!)

Well, my husband did some research and found a chicken breed he liked and ordered some. Via mail. Mail? I never knew chickens would ship via the US Postal Service!! When they arrived at the Post Office, off I go to collect the little boogers. They were all in 2 red and white boxes that were taped together. Chirping away. I sign for them and the lady wishes me good luck with them. It’s our first rodeo with chickens so I appreciate all the well wishes I can get!

They sit up front with me on the ride home chirping away. I chat with them the whole way home. By the way…chickens have their own special scent. Sigh.

We arrive home safely. I enlist the help of my daughter and the little girl she babysits to remove the chicks from their boxes and place them in their new home (a big ol’ rubbermaid bin). We were expecting about 16 or 17 chicks. We got 23! All made it through shipping just fine. But 23!?!

We have done pretty well with them…no casualties thank God. My husband is in the final stages of completing their Chicken Coop. So thankful since they have been on my back porch for a couple of weeks now. Did I mention that chickens have their own special scent??

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