Enjoy The Journey

Hurry up and do this. Hurry up and do that. Who else feels like there’s never any down time because we’re always rushing from one thing to another? STOP!! Stop and take time to simply enjoy your journey in this thing called Life .

It is so easy to get caught up in stuff, isn’t it? Work. Chores. Volunteerism. Kid’s activities. Religious activities. The list goes on.

The path we are on will differ from season to season. We will experience some joys, successes, failures, and even hairpin turns we simply did not see coming. And we will learn. Each journey will prepare us for our next one.

While each of those things are a part of our journey, we need to also take time to step back. To enjoy the view (of our life). To take inventory of what is truly important. To re-prioritize things. To get rid of the toxic stuff. To fill up on the good stuff.

Count your blessings! Stop focusing on the Destination and Start focusing on the Journey. Take time to live in each and every moment. Live in Joy and in Peace. You are here for a purpose!

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