Be Good To Yourself

Be good to yourself. Sounds simple, right? Why is it so hard to do?

We tend to put other people ahead of ourselves. Especially us women. But, consider this, how are we going to continue to be able to care for others when we are not taking care of ourselves? Physically, emotionally, spiritually.

We lose ourselves in other peoples’s lives. Our spouse’s. Our children’s. Our parent’s. We lose who we are. It’s time to find ourselves again! So we can be fully fueled and engaged in life. Stop short changing yourself and others!

Set that phone aside. Just say no. Ask for help.

Find that craft you love to do. Set aside time to read a book, go for a walk. Heck, just sit outside! Treat yourself to a spa treatment (at home or at a salon). Spend time with a friend. Be silly. This life flies by…don’t let it pass you by.

Find yourself. Love yourself. You’ll find that, then, you’ll have more to give to others too.

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