Let’s Catch Up

Hey y’all. Let’s catch up. 🥰
Most of y’all know that I’ve been slowly ramping up a little “side hustle” called Ginger Hearts. ♥️🦋♥️ I am hoping now to kick it into gear! 🤣

The job I had in Raleigh for 4 years came to an end on December 31st. While I am immensely grateful that I no longer have that commute, I do miss the good people I worked with.
God has a plan!! And I trust Him!

Early last year, I began crafting, learning about botanical skin care, learning about retail and started this little venture called Ginger Hearts!

I have been blessed with an opportunity to work at An Artisan’s Emporium. Love it! This has become my “therapy”.

We got some chickens last summer’ish. Love them!! They’ve started laying yummy eggs faster than we can eat them. So, we are venturing into the egg selling business now.

And, I recently became secretary at my church. I am still in a learning curve but am excited about the opportunity to serve my church family and community and to, hopefully, make a difference.

Here are some pictures of what I am doing now with GingerHearts.
💕Please help spread the word.
💕I appreciate all of the prayers and support!

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