Headache Inhalers

During one of the Saturday Vendor Market Days leading up to Christmas, a customer came into An Artisan’s Emporium while shopping the market. Over the course of conversation, she mentioned that she’d been experiencing headaches and nothing was working for her. She’d taken over the counter medicine, made a doctor’s visit and left with medicine. Nothing had worked. I suggested that she try the Headache Inhaler from Alywillow. (It’s my go-to for headaches!) She was to the point that she would try ANYTHING. So, she bought one.

Later on, I learned that she used it when she got back to her car that day. Within MINUTES she got relief!!! She was so grateful and SOLD on the power of plants. She eventually returned to purchase more to give to loved ones.

Our HEADACHE Medicinal Plant Inhaler is a complex blend of essential oils, helpful for individuals who suffer from headaches, even migraines. Use when you feel a headache coming on, and let the relief wash through you. It is portable and offers fast relief.

Just as your body can get sick from breathing the wrong things, your body can feel better from breathing the right things. The molecules of vapors from our inhalers are so small they are easily absorbed into your lungs and transferred into your circulatory system, quickly affecting your entire body. There are no drugs and no synthetic ingredients, instead we use pure plants to create a complex formula that supports your brain function and this is why our HEADACHE MEDICINAL INHALER is so effective.

All together, our Medicinal Inhalers can bring you many benefits, such as calming headaches, helping you breathe easier, increasing your energy levels, reducing stress and anxiety, and improving your focus. It’s unique complex formula ensures large scale effectiveness rates.

I love what I do. I love to help people. I love that I am able to share Alywillow. I love to hear from my customers. It brings me so much joy when I hear these amazing stories.

All the good vibes…Sandra

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