Care for Your Skin with Plant Perfection

I have had problem skin since I was in 5th grade! Not only was I one of the tallest and earliest “developed” girls in my class, I was one of the first to experience breakouts. I felt insecure. People who I thought were my friends picked on me and began calling me names. One that has remained in my memory: “Mt. Bump”. Nice, huh? Needless to say, my self-confidence plummeted!

Thankfully, my parents recognized the struggle and got help for me. I went through years of dermatological treatments…from antibiotics to topical creams. During my treatment, my skin was extremely sensitive. Red, dry, flaky, peeling with the breakouts diminishing. I eventually came out of the “terrible teen skin” around 15 years old. Having gone through all of that, it took quite a while – years – before I regained confidence in myself. Many years have now gone by and I am JUST getting to the point where I will leave my house without makeup! Enter Alywillow!

Alywillow products are designed to make your skin healthier, and that makes it more beautiful!  Even the preservatives and colors are plants – it’s natural perfection.

  • Known to help repair cellular damage
  • Restorative for a healthy glow
  • Soothing to calm irritations
  • Nourishing to improve elasticity
  • Normalizing to help shrink pores and balance your oil production
  • Helpful reducing blemishes
  • Reducing redness
  • Naturally scented
  • Naturally preserved with a regular 2-year shelf life when proper temperature and humidity are maintained.
  • When used once a day, most of our facial products will last about a year. (I use TWICE a day and they still last for a very long time!)

Now, I am not opposed to being seen or leaving my house with no makeup on. Alywillow has not only helped with adult breakouts, it has helped soften those fabulous line that appeared on my face out of nowhere and with no warning!

If you mix Alywillow products with other types of facial products, you are really losing out.  We have never seen products as pure as ours. Why don’t you do the best thing for your skin and choose a full set of Alywillow facial products?  Start by incorporating one or two products at a time until you have the full regimen. Contact me today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Parent of Teenagers (Boys and Girls) Note: Keep It Simple for them! Use a cleanser and a toner for everyday. (Hold on to Fortify for spot treatments, if the have a breakout) As they see the benefits, they may just slow down long enough to moisturize too!

These products are specifically designed to increase the health of your skin and naturally restore your beauty and youthful appearance. This is the Real Deal!

Keeping It Simple

Keep It Simple

I’m all about Keeping It Simple.  How about you?  As many of us are preparing for Back to School, it’s even more important…because TIME is something that we don’t have a lot of.

Alywillow can help you and your family keep your cleansing routines simple and effective!  This week’s Blog is all about our Upside Down Liquid Cleansers. 

Alywillow cleansers are 100% vegan and moisturizing with no harsh chemicals. Every ingredient is sourced from a plant – even the scents, colors, and preservatives – and these plants offer bio-available vitamins your body, skin, and hair are able to absorb better than synthetic vitamins. They nourish your skin and restore well-being to your body, as well as boosting collagen levels and improving your elasticity and overall complexion. They are safe for long term use on your face, full body, and hair – and they will not through off your pH levels like lye, charcoal, and sugar scrubs.

  • Safe for sensitive skin.
  • Each formula has unique therapeutic benefits
  • You can lather up for an extra-smooth shave! Reducing razor burn and extending the life of your razor blade.
  • This can replace your body wash, your shampoo, your facial cleanser, and even your shaving cream.
  • No lye, no charcoal, no sulfates, no artificial ingredients, & no dangerous plants (like tea tree). 
  • They are extra gentle, they won’t strip your skin or hair, and they are probably some of the safest and most moisturizing cleansers you have EVER used.
  • Directions: Blend the ingredients before using… Simply pick up the bottle while holding the foaming pump and flip the bottle upside down. Then, set the bottle down and press down on the pump to deposit a thick, lush foam you can spread anywhere.

Read our Reviews to see the Power and the Blessing of Alywillow

“My son LOVES his Upside Down (Cleanser) soap! He used it last night to wash his hair and his hair never looked BETTER!  Makes me want to now try it!  He didn’t even use conditioner and it still left his hair so soft! ” A. E.

“I really love the Wildwood Upside-Down Cleanser. I love the way my hair feels and my dry scalp is now gone. I love them and all the Alywillow products I have tried.” T. L.

“I washed my hair in the soap. Normally my hair flops – and using the soap gives it so much body. So, I told my daughter – you’ve got to try this.” A.

“ I have been using the upside-down cleanser for nearly 6 months and I will continue to buy this product for as long as they continue to make it. It has changed my skin. Thank you Thank you!” N. T.

Itch Be Gone

Many people live with Eczema and Psoriasis.  Are you one of them?  Alywillow has something that can help give you relief! Keep reading for some great insight and info from Alywillow and how our products can help.

Get daily relief from eczema and psoriasis using Alywillow cleansers & moisturizers in Wildwood & Warrior formulas. Use them for your regular bathing and moisturizing and they will naturally help reduce the symptoms of psoriasis, eczema, and other itchy fungal issues. Cruelty-free, vegan, and made of pure plants – they are designed to nourish and soothe your skin and are full of natural bio-available vitamins to improve your skin elasticity. 

Replace your regular cleansers and moisturizers with either the Wildwood or Warrior products. Use them every day from head to toe. (You can even wash your hair with them! The plants literally soak into your skin every time you use them, so the itchy offenders cannot hide. You don’t have to have one of these issues to enjoy Wildwood or Warrior – many people use these products just because they like the natural scents and for their anti-aging and skin clearing benefits.

Cremes, pastes, and clays are so thick, they trap your skin and it can’t breathe! When you apply a thick layer, you are providing a warm, moist environment and promoting growth of the irritation. Yuck!  Therefore, we recommend using our Level 3 or Level 4 Moisturizers. They are light and your skin can still breathe! Remember, it is the formulas that have the fighting power, not the level of the moisturizer.

Customers typically notice relief from the itching within a few minutes.  Improvement in their skin is typically seen within a few days or weeks. If your eczema disappears, it is not really gone. It has only gone dormant.  It’s hiding and waiting to come back. Keep using the Wildwood or Warrior products for 6-9 months – you are attacking it while it is vulnerable, and the results can be long lasting.

Check out what Customers say…

“I have used the Warrior Formula for my psoriasis and eczema for a few months and have seen a HUGE improvement. Patches that were red and irritated have become smooth again. I still have flakes (on my scalp), but the spritzer helps the irritation and clearing it up. Highly recommend.” Rachel, Raleigh, NC (2016) (We suggested washing her hair with Warrior Upside-Down Liquid Cleanser to help clear her scalp faster)

What a wonderful arrangement of products. My daughter suffers from psoriasis and started using the Warrior Formula collection (soap and moisturizers). Within a week, her psoriasis has cleared up completely. We will be back for Wildwood to alternate (as suggested). I use the Sweet Magic and my skin has never felt so soft. Love, Love, Love these products!” – Michelle W., Willow Springs, NC

“I have severe eczema breakouts since birth. After a ton of trials with lotions, medications, etc… to no avail, I found Alywillow. I use the Warrior soap daily for the last 8 months now and have yet to experience the itch and rashes I have known for years. I am a huge fan of this product.” M. Arrington, Frankinton, NC  (2018)

“I’ve suffered from eczema for the past 4 years and I’ve spent too much money on products that offered little or no relief. The Alywillow Wildwood is the best thing, besides my wife, to happen in my life. The change and repair were within a few days and I’m a witness to its effectiveness.” Tim Hall, Zebulon, NN

“I use Wildwood soap and moisturizer and it has cleared my eczema! I no longer have any problems. If I do happen to get a slight itch, I apply the moisturizer and it immediately feels better. I recommend these products to anyone and everyone! They are magical! <3″ B. Gardner

Back to School Help

Fortify is a versatile Medicinal Plant Serum and is my “Go To”! It is as powerful as it is versatile. With school starting back, this will definitely be a handy item to have in your Back to School arsenal (for parents and teachers)!

I am so thankful to have Alywillow in my life! 100% natural ingredients. No synthetic chemicals. I’m fortunate to have been able to work with Aliyah and her wonderful team to become Certified to share these wonderful products with you!

Fortify Medicinal Plant Serum can help fight the common cold, reduce congestion, and bring down a fever. It is powerful against cases of flu, and it can also help sanitize and disinfect surfaces, sooth bee stings, reduce blemishes (even cystic acne), calm the fire of the fire-ant bite, convince a tick to withdraw from your skin, bring down the swelling of a wasp sting, fight fungus, and more! 

Fortify has a myriad of uses and is one of the must-haves we recommend for your home, or whenever you travel or go on vacation. It comes in a 15 ml bottle, and there are approximately 300 drops in each bottle. Often one drop is enough to use in most situations, so it will last awhile. Remember, Fortify is not made of soothing plants, like the gentle plants we use in our moisturizers and soaps. The complex formula of this product contains plants that are known to attack many forms of bacteria or fungus, and we refer to them as killer plants because of their effectiveness.

You can apply it directly to an area of concern (like a pimple). It can be used in a diffuser to help purify the air. Use a mixture of Fortify in water to create a spray to wash down surfaces or ‘de-funk’ smelly shoes! So many different uses.

If you want to know more about this fabulous Plant Serum click on the picture below or shoot me an email and I will be happy to set up a time for us to chat!

Enjoy The Journey

Hurry up and do this. Hurry up and do that. Who else feels like there’s never any down time because we’re always rushing from one thing to another? STOP!! Stop and take time to simply enjoy your journey in this thing called Life .

It is so easy to get caught up in stuff, isn’t it? Work. Chores. Volunteerism. Kid’s activities. Religious activities. The list goes on.

The path we are on will differ from season to season. We will experience some joys, successes, failures, and even hairpin turns we simply did not see coming. And we will learn. Each journey will prepare us for our next one.

While each of those things are a part of our journey, we need to also take time to step back. To enjoy the view (of our life). To take inventory of what is truly important. To re-prioritize things. To get rid of the toxic stuff. To fill up on the good stuff.

Count your blessings! Stop focusing on the Destination and Start focusing on the Journey. Take time to live in each and every moment. Live in Joy and in Peace. You are here for a purpose!